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TV na żywo - DW English

TV na żywo - DW English

To the point — Russia’s war on Ukraine: Will Putin get what he wants?

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7 grudnia 2023
22:30 UTC
To the pointRussia’s war on Ukraine: Will Putin get what he wants?
With its ever growing army and arsenal, Russia appears to be gaining strength in its war with Ukraine — despite Western sanctions. Is time on Putin’s side? Our guests: Wilfried Jilge (DGAP); Irina Borogan (investigative journalist); Moritz Gathmann (Stern)
23:00 UTC
DW NewsNews
23:15 UTC
Special ProgramBusiness Beyond. Retirement - The financial Crisis no one is fixing
As our world grows older, governments can’t afford to pay for the retirement promises made to previous generations. Now, shortfalls in public finances are threatening to upend the way our societies are organized. Many worry that retirement could soon be a thing of the past.