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4 juin 2023
11:00 UTC
DW NewsNews
11:15 UTC
Sports LifeGüzide Alcu - A Kurdish Star in Women’s Football
Güzide Alcu is the face of Kurdish women's football. She is the captain of the Amedspor women's team. Against all odds, her team has developed into a contender in the Turkish women's league. But they have also been the target of abuse and discrimination. Midway through the title race, the region was hit by a catastrophic earthquake. Despite the hardships, Güzide's spirit will not be broken.
11:30 UTC
The 77 PercentThe Magazine for Africa's Youth
After Uganda signed draconian anti-LGBTQ rules into law, we discuss the state of LGBTQ rights across Africa. Our resident sex and relationships expert, KAZ, dispels popular myths regarding tradition and gender. Our Street Debate in Nairobi reveals how populist legislation targets the LGBTQ community.