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Sarah Hucal
Image: privat

Sarah Hucal

Topics: Travel & tourism; migration, culture, globalization, politics, architecture and design, sustinability

Sarah Hucal freelances for various departments of DW including Travel Online, Culture Online and Adaption. She has lived in Berlin for over 10 years and reports on a wide variety of topics, from travel to migration.

Sarah Hucal is a freelance reporter and video journalist based in Berlin and has worked for DW since 2016. She has covered topics ranging from human trafficking in Thailand's fishing industry to the performing arts and trends in architecture and travel for a variety of international media outlets. Her interest in reporting on migration has taken her to Colombia and Spain, as well as Columbia University Journalism School in New York City, where she was a 2019 fellow in the Dart Center global reporting institute, "Reporting on Refugees and Migration Through the Eyes of Young Children."

Originally from Michigan, Sarah holds an M.A. in Global Studies from Humboldt University in Berlin, in a program through which she spent semesters in Buenos Aires and Bangkok. Sarah has a B.A. in Communications Studies and B.M. in Vocal Performance from the University of Michigan. She occasionally makes use of her professional training as an opera singer. When she is not busy reporting, she focuses on her passion of learning traditional Greek and Turkish folk music and playing the oud.

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