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Food and the circular economy

November 22, 2021

After a leaf falls to earth, it becomes part of the soil, which then sustains new life. This cyclical process has become an inspiration for farmers and food producers, particularly in aquaponics and permaculture.

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Growing vegetables and fish together in a confined space, and without fertilizers and pesticides: could this be the key to a sustainable food system? 

Aquaponics: The future of agriculture?

Eindhoven, Niederlande | Mitbegründer Auqaponics | Tim Elfring
In an old dairy factory in Eindhoven, Phood Farm now grows fish and vegetablesImage: Tim Schauenberg/DW


A greener way to cook and farm in Peru

In Peru, a country where circular economies are only just starting to take off, almost everything is thrown in the garbage. But a chef and a resourceful farmer want to change this by creating products using all-organic waste. Good ideas — and hard-working chickens — are helping them make this possible.

Peru: Putting waste to good use


Making cheese and bratwurst without animal products

The growing appetite for milk and meat is pushing the planet to the edge. But it doesn't need to be that way since there are many plant-based alternatives that are both tasty and climate-friendly.

Vegan cheese and sausages